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Cutting Edge Technology for Every Client…social trader

First Capital & Trust understands that investors need to manage their finances from wherever they are in the world, regardless of time difference or location. Clients are offered the opportunity to trade securely from their internet compatible handheld devices, tablets and laptops.

Stay connected to the markets and your accounts wherever you go with First Capital & Trust Mobile. Use it to place trades, check your balances, and research stocks. Just about anything you can do online, you can now do with First Capital & Trust Mobile.

Secure transactions can be made on an iPhone, Android, MS Windows Mobile for PDAs, pocket PCs and other smartphones. Clients can analyze the market, view charts, access the news and monitor account and market activity while they are away from home.

The process is user-friendly and precise. Handheld devices make it possible to have quick, real-time access within seconds.

Investors need the kind of state-of-the-art technological advancements used by First Capital & Trust to monitor and make decisions related to their financial futures. The mobile trading opportunity offers clients the ability to travel while staying connected to their investments.

In today’s world, the ability to manage investments using the internet is necessary. The future expects to see much more investment activity using the convenient mobile devices we use every day.

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