Stocks can be a smart choice to grow the value of your portfolio and/or generate income. Sold in shares, stocks make you an owner of a small piece of a company, with a stake in its future. There are thousands of stocks to choose from, so First Capital & Trust offers a platform free of use in order to familiarize yourself with the various capital markets and trading tools. While the stock market can be volatile, over the longer term it has historically out-performed other investments- including bonds and cash equivalents.Choose from over 20,000 stocks from more than 40 major exchanges around the world.Trade on live prices from all exchanges available upon request.

Use a percentage of your stocks as collateral for margin trading of Forex, CFDs and Futures.
Spot metal offer an interesting alternative to currencies to diversify your portfolio. Traders mainly consider them for the following reasons:

  • To speculate on short or long term trading opportunities in a 24-hour market
  • They are three of the world’s most traded markets, making them fast moving and highly liquid
  • To hedge against market volatility and financial crises